How are Blackjack and Pontoon Different?

  • Feb 25, 2022

Blackjack and pontoon are examples of games that were derived from the early British Vingt-Un version. For this reason, they have numerous similarities, which can make players, particularly beginners, assume they are the same. However, despite these games having similar rules, they have major differences. Read on to learn more about these two games.

Use of Different Terms

Casino games have terms to indicate their actions. Blackjack and pontoon have similar moves but different terms. For example, in both games after placing your bet and dealt with two cards, you will be allowed to draw more cards. In blackjack, this is called a 'hit' and in pontoon, it is a 'twist.'

Furthermore, if you are impressed with the first two cards dealt to you, you can choose not to take additional cards. At this point, you will call out a 'stand' in blackjack, but in pontoon, you will say 'stick.' Also, in blackjack, you can 'double down' to add a bet, but this is referred to as 'buy' in pontoon.

Difference in Payout

Pontoon and blackjack are different in their payouts. Blackjack has a standard payout of 3:2. Some blackout versions have a payout of less than 3:2, which can be 6:5 or 1:1. Thus, it is vital to always look at the payout written on your chosen blackjack table. You can also ask the dealer.

On the other hand, pontoon has a payout of 2:1. With this ratio, you will have better odds than the dealer, increasing your chances of winning. This higher payout is among the leading reasons why many casino players choose pontoon over regular blackout. Furthermore, the house edge of pontoon is lower, which is not the case in blackjack.

How the Cards are Dealt

In both blackjack and pontoon, the first two cards dealt to you will face up. However, the difference between these two games is in how the dealer's cards are dealt. In blackjack, one of the dealer's cards faces up and the other down. The face-down card is commonly referred to as the hole card.

In pontoon, both cards given to the dealer usually face down. This means that pontoon doesn't have a hole card. Therefore, it is difficult to come up with a strategy before the dealer confirms if they have a natural. Another difference is that in pontoon, cards valued at 10 are eliminated from the decks.

The Difference in Doubling Down

Doubling down, which is referred to as buying in pontoon also differentiates these two games. In pontoon, you are allowed to 'buy' before taking multiple 'twists' subsequently. In addition, you can double down with over two cards in their hands. In blackjack, you can only double down with the first two original cards.

Besides, in pontoon, you can hit after doubling down. Consequently, you can ask for more cards after you 'buy.' This can increase your chances of forming a winning hand. However, in blackjack, you will only receive one card after doubling down. If you want extra cards, you will be required to add an extra bet.

The 5-Card Trick

Pontoon is gaining popularity in the gaming industry due to its 5-card trick. With this strategy, you can create a win with 5 cards in your hands, even if the dealer has a 21. However, it is crucial to calculate accurately if you want to use this strategy as you can surpass 21 easily.

For example, if you have three cards totalling 18, it is safe to use other tactics. But if your cards are of less value, you can make the best out of this tactic. This is not usually the case in regular blackjack because it simply rewards players whose count is closer to21, but more than the dealer's.

What are the Differences between Blackjack and Pontoon?